Frequent questions (FAQ)

How long should the giant breed puppies be fed with ( Valp Maxi ) ?. At which month should they switch to Optimal Giant ?

As the " Valp Maxi " is a food for growing dogs of giant breeds ,while the "Optimal Giant" is a maintenance food for giant dogs,we advice to give the valp maxi till the end of the growth period. Dogs of giant breeds grow till +/- 18 months. This is the moment to switch to optimal Giant



Is Senior suitable for dogs of all sizes ?

The Husse Senior is indeed suitable for all dog sizes. In fact during aging, the nutritional requirements change in the same way for all breeds:

Older dogs often have reduced renal function:this is why the protein content is kept low.As the activity of the older dogs is lower, also the energy and fat content of the food is reduced. The senior also contains Chondroitin and Glucosamin as older dogs often have joint diseases


What is fibre and how much fibre should dry food contain ?

Fibre reduces digestibility of the nutrients.Therefore, high fiber levels are noy wanted in dog food for working dogs or competition dogs. Fibre reduces the energy density of the food.For active dogs ,a high energy content and high digestibility of the food is required. This means that dietary fibre needs to be limited.

The analysis of fibre is very complex as "fibre" is a group of very different analytical subtances : Lignin, Cellulose,Hemicellulose,Pectins,Gums.With the classic analysis followingthe Weende procedure,only a part of the food fibre is analysed as "crude fibre".Although it is "the crude fibre" content that needs to be mentioned on the packaging,researchers don't use this analysis a lot as it is indeed a good idea to limit the crude fibre to 3%. As researchers  don't use this crude fibre as the parameter since it only partially measures the dietary fibre,you will not find recent scientific sources on that:nowadays,scientists prefer to definethe fibre requirements expressed as total dietary fibre,insoluble fibre and soluble fibre.

Please notice also that fibre also has beneficial effects and that a minimum of fibre is needed for optimal intestinal health and faeces consistency.The ratio soluble/unsoluble fibre is very important.Beet fibre has an optimal ratio soluble fibre/unsoluble fibre and therefore is a good fibre source in dogs.

New fibre in husse food :cellulose mix