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Our Success Story

Founded in Sweden in 1987, Husse’s concept of selling quality pet foods for dogs and cats, and delivering them to people’s homes free of charge proved very successful.


Since 1991, Husse has been producing high-quality products under its own brand. Then, in 1993 we began to expand to other Scandinavian countries, eventually spreading to the rest of Europe in 1996.


Today, Husse is established in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Mexico,Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and the United States.


We have approximately 200,000 satisfied customers, served by 45 Master Licensees and the 750 franchisees that form the Husse network. As a result, we are the worldwide leaders in home-delivery of the best, top-quality food for cats and dogs.


Husse entered  Nigeria in 2015 and we already have several established franchises in 6 Local Goverments Areas.

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