What makes a great Husse franchisee?

The most important factor for the success of a franchisee is their ability to establish relationships with pet owners; excellent interpersonal skills are key. For that reason, people with sales, training or public service experience and background do very well in this business.

You do not need previous experience in the pet industry, or to even have pets for that matter. The training process will help you develop the knowledge and understanding necessary to become a pet nutrition specialist.

Our marketing and sales training will help you recognize all the potential sources of revenue for your business. All you need to do is reach out, talk to pet owners and become a valuable source of information and advice for them to decide what the best food is for their beloved cat or dog.

A Husse franchise is a fun business to run, particularly if you like interacting with people and reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Our franchisees spend the day talking to potential customers in public dog parks, beaches or near their homes when delivering products. They also actively participate in community events such as dog shows, agility contests and others.

We provide a service to our communities by helping pet owners make the right choices that will keep their companions healthy, and living a long and happy life.

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